ABSTRACT. The cinematographic enunciation is one of the most contended concepts in film semiotics. While the presence of the enunciator and the addressee in filmic discourse is not questioned, their nature is disputed. Inspired by the work of Italian semiotician Francesco Casetti, Christian Metz, after a serious number of writings on film semiotics, handles also the subject of cinematographic enunciation in his “L’énonciation impersonelle, ou le site du film”. This paper follows the traces of this subject from Metz’s preceding studies to the forementioned article, highlighting at the same time the main distinctions between Casetti’s deictic perspective and French semiotician’s impersonal approach on cinematographic enunciation. pp. 33–40

Keywords: film semiotics; the enunciator; the addressee; story; discourse; reflexivity; metadiscourse

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Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, Romania

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