ABSTRACT. Most films that have always fascinated me (Stalker – Tarkovsky, 8 ½ – Fellini ...) are those who still keep secrets from me. There is no secret about the artist or his relationship with his work, but his work itself. A work that manages to awaken, through talent, inspiration of the artist, but also know-how, a permanent curiosity. Thus, any viewer feels part of the development of a work that grows, a collective work, and that goes to what we call humanity. Finally, the artist structures a work for a collective view, the work that the viewer will eventually deconstruct, by his desire to know what the artist through his work caused him. pp. 12–32

Keywords: alter-ego; spectator–director (film); Stalker – (Tarkovsky); 8 & 1/2 – (Fellini); voice – (Beckett)

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Université Toulouse Le Mirail II, France

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