ABSTRACT. Paradoxically, the question of the invention of the cinema is becoming ever more perplexing and hard to solve as the events which led to the emergence of the seventh art are getting ever more distant in time. If the original dilemma entailed the choice between the Cinématographe of the Lumiere brothers and Edison’s kinetoscope, nowadays, as the research concerning the scientific and technological innovations which enabled the construction of the filming device and the movies exhibition is extending, the achievements of the Lumiere brothers look more like an intervention in the history of cinematography rather than its starting point. In the absence of any innovation related to the preconditions of the emergence of the cinema, to the name of the device which brought them international recognition and even to the first public projection, there arises the question as to the role of the Lumiere brothers in the history of cinematography. pp. 49–52

Keywords: invention of cinematography; Lumière brothers; history of cinema; Cinématographe

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Spiru Haret University, Bucharest, ROMANIA

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