ABSTRACT. The ethnopsychology, pretends to be an exact science and aims to analyze the different aspects of a country to extract its national character, forgetting that it became random in permissive and multicultural societies. This pseudoscience was represented as a discipline in France by: Review of Psychology of Peoples, established in 1946 by Abel Miroglio. It claims to give an "objective" image of peoples and identify their national character. This discipline arises as the intersection of several other fields of knowledge and interest in the study of man as a being of flesh and bone in a determined geographical and real area. We will try, in this paper, to see how the French traveler in Morocco, André Chevrillon in Un Crépuscule d’Islam, refers to the concept of "race", to biological concepts as they relate to intellectual qualities or entities to extract the national character of Morocco. pp. 57-69

Keywords: travel literature, ethnopsychology, race, Morocco, nation, image

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