ABSTRACT. The fusion between an immanent linguistics and a social linguistics operating on a wide field of investigation – from the perspective of sociology, psychology, technology, etc – has resulted into a development and distinction of the discourse concept. Thanks to the discourse linguistics, the media discourse has become one of its topics, since media is perceived as ‘an amazing mechanism’ to create a discourse. « Media, mirrors of the social phenomena, establish themselves to build a discourse via what we call a media mechanism (Charaudeau, 2005: 8). » Hence, the interest of the professionals in humanistic and social sciences to analyse so as to stress the ‘contract communication’ they have suggested. The objective of this article is to outline the central issues in the radio discourse, a type of media discourse, triggered by its occurrence conditions. These issues can gather around the following questions (Charaudeau, 1995: 102) : Who is there to say or do what? Who is there for how to say or do? Who is talking to whom? Talking about what? In which space and time frames? pp. 5–13

Keywords: media, radio discourse, cadre spatial, radio spatial frame

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