ABSTRACT. The battle to establish the teaching of rhetoric has started since 16th century, even if the elements of Romanian rhetoric have been identified in the first written papers (in Slavonic). But the first Romanian rhetoric, entitled Retorica, adeca invatatura si intocmirea frumoasei cuvantari (Rhetoric: Teaching and Organizing the Beautiful Oral Declamation) which appeared in 1798 belonged to Ioan Molnar-Piuariu. The next one Curs de retorica (Course in Rhetoric), (1834), belonged to Simeon Marcovici, teacher of French at St. Sava. Dimitrie Gusti’s study Ritorica romana pentru tinerime (Romanian Rhetoric for Young People) (1852) is a special book and a genuine scientific work. The works of Cristu Negoescu, Alexandru Aman, I. Benescu, V.A. Urechia, Al.G. Draghicescu, Gheorghe Adamescu and Nicolae Vasile (unfortunately many other works are only manuscripts) complete the attempt at synchronizing the Romanian rhetoric with the accomplishments from the Western Europe. pp. 5–13

Keywords: argumentation, deliberative speech, demonstrative speech, judicial speech, oratory, persuasion, rhetoric.

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