ABSTRACT. My paper is a case study on the way cultural references within newspaper articles are transferred from the source language (English) into the target language (Romanian). “Cultural reference” is used as an umbrella term which flexibly covers the particularities of a certain language, others than the linguistic ones. The text corpus includes news- paper articles taken from Newsweek, focused mainly on political, economic and social issues. To translate culturally-bound words or expressions, the translator may use addition, componential analysis, cultural equivalence, descriptive equivalent, literal translation, recognized translation, reduction, synonymy, transference, deletion or combination – to mention just a few of the strategies at his disposal. My conclusion is that perfect translation of culturally-bound items is impossible. The translation focusing on the purpose of the source language text writing is, however, always possible. pp. 126–130

Keywords: cultural references, descriptive equivalent, recognized translation, cultural equivalence

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