ABSTRACT. The XIXth century Romanian comic theatre tried to diversify its expression forms under the strong influence of French theater that was deviating to a light dimension, primarily for social reasons. Although it derived from the frivolous comedy, the vaudeville is a comic form with its own aesthetic, facile, using spontaneous proceedings and sung couplets. It goes immediately into Romanian theatre repertory and it maintain long time by the own publicity methods which it develops quickly. The most important are: the couplets perpetuated in several plays, the traveller character, walked through several plays of the same author or different authors and the sequel of one successful plays in the other. All of these work more intensely around 1850, when the Romanian theatre has to face the foreign troupes competition and consequently the publicity need was more acute. The theater’s main purpose was the immediate success. pp. 123–125

Keywords: comic theatre, vaudeville, publicity, methods, couplets, traveller character

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