ABSTRACT: This paper illustrates the relation between Grice’s theory of non-natural meaning and his conversational logic and the notion of intentionality included by Beaugrande and Dressler among the seven standards of textuality. Through his theory of non-natural meaning, Grice brings in the definition of meaning the members of communication, the transmitter and the receiver, so integrating meaning into the communicative process. At the same time, through conversational implicature, Grice focuses on the indirect speech acts, showing the difference between the literal meaning of the words used by a speaker and their possible use with a distinct meaning that isn’t clear just on the level of the sentence. The intentionality refers to the speaker’s attitude to the text which are deficiently in terms of cohesion or coherence, and Grice’s theories help to explain this standard of textuality. pp. 96–101

Keywords: meaning, Cooperative Principle, Grice’s maxims, conversational implicature, standards of textuality, intentionality

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