Parler c’est échanger et c’est changer en échangeant (C.Kerbrat-Orecchioni 2001:2)

ABSTRACT. Any event with a public and ceremonial, in its many manifestations, celebration, ceremony, celebration, investiture, inauguration, commemoration, electoral meetings, etc. A scientific congress requiring the presence of a personality is accompanied, in general, a speech, as written discourse, but presented orally, so designed to be heard and not read. Speech, any speech at stake social actors, positions and relationships between a speaker and one or more speeches and the context of external and internal communication. (Maingueneau, 1989:18) The objective of our article aims of pragmatic perspective, analyzing the relationship between speaker, orator, and his locutors place where the speakers speak institutional and discursive strategy (argumentative) that one applies speaker-speaker to capture his attention and mobilize them to locutors take action. Thus, we propose to locate declarative mark-pragmatic operations that speaker-speaker is positioned and its position in a situation locutor institutional interaction and public ceremonial, which is the capital of speech. pp. 70–84

Keywords: speech, kind of discourse, statement, pragmatics, interaction

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