ABSTRACT. The border region between Morocco and Algeria has attracted a whole generation of various travelers. It has had many feathers and was the subject of a study versatile. Probed by the scientific journey, painted by the literary journey, it takes place in the socio-political imagination of the pre-colonial era and the beginning of the Protectorate. It is regarded as the first field of election as French explorers combed as control the border area means the successful first and important step in the project of colonization of Morocco. We will try in our paper: a definition of the notion of borders while defining its type and its purpose; distinguish between names: borders between Algeria and Morocco and Algerian-Moroccan border, recalled the strategic, political and economic the border area in the French colonial project, identify the characteristics of scholarly writing of the trip said in presenting the scientific travel books include: Joseph Canal, La frontiere marocaine. Oudjda 1885, Augustin Bernard, Les confins algéro-marocains, Louis Rousselet, Sur les confins du Maroc. D’Oudjda a Figuig. 1911. pp. 64–69

Keywords: confins, frontiere, récit  de voyage scientifique, Maroc, Algérie

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