Abstract. Virgil Ierunca, a Romanian preeminent personality from exile, was not only an important fighter against communism – as he is usually known –, but also a very talented writer. The paper brings into attention this side of his activity, focusing on a particular chapter – the portraits of some great Romanian intellectuals. We bring into evidence Ierunca’s special art of describing-in a permanent conjunction – both the character of the man he chose to speak about and his work. As illustrations we give the portraits of three intellectuals from exile, less known to the readers from Romania – Alexandru Busuioceanu, Luc(ian) Badescu and Mircea Popescu –, and also two famous names – Constantin Brâncu?i and Lucian Blaga. Everyone proves the special aptitude of Virgil Ierunca in catching the main features of the person and of his artistic or literary work as well. pp. 283–292


Keywords: fighter against communism, a gifted writer, the art of portrait, cult of


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