Abstract. Whatever was the name given by the French didactic literature during the past three decades to the specialized communication: “scientific and technical French”, “functional French”, “instrumental French”, “special objectives teaching”, “specialized language”, in all the cases it is about the learning of French for professional goals: to know French for professional usage. Thus, the learners study about the French language, not the French; they learn about the French language to use it in determined contexts. To know a language for specific purposes, answering to professional needs is regarded as an advantage in a society, which is more and more specialized. The present contribution aims at examining the way students in Economics, who study the French as a foreign language, might acquire the competence of reading in French, as to satisfy the special needs in their field of study. pp. 145–155


Keywords:specialized communication:scientific and technical French, functional French, instrumental French, special objectives teaching, specialized language.

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