ABSTRACT: Brancu?i is so well known that everybody seems to know everything about him. But how many people know the passion he put into making photographies by himself? He is the one that gave the world an original technique, and he used photography to objectivate his material creation. He took us by the hand and guided us into a world only for the privileged: the world of the unique abstract creation. And he also gave us proof: the photography. "It is only me that can take pictures of my work" - he used to say to his friends and to the famous photographers of the time. It is natural: for exceptional things, one has to make exceptional pictures! One has to put a special light on its subject, and this light will perfectly illustrate the etymology of the word "photography", which is "writing with the help of light" (from the Greek "photos" – light, and "graphein" - writing).

KEYWORDS: photography, light, creation, objectivate, perspectives, evolution

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