ABSTRACT: (A community herald) The emergence, 180 years ago, of the first Romanian journals grows out of the intense work in the social field of some of the cultural figures of those days: I. H. R?dulescu, Gheorghe Asachi and Gheorghe Bari?iu. Through a decade, rather between June 1, 1829 and March 12, 1838, periodicals are edited in the three historical provinces whose “catalogues” contain in nuce the seed of the overall evolution of the press from all sides. These coryphaei have the merit to have determined, with remarkable clairvoyance, the role of the press in society and to have found answers to the multiple hindrances they were confronted with. On these lines, theirs was a providential contribution which expanded to complementary activity spheres. They have written grammars of the Romanian language, they have initiated the transition from the Slavonic orthography to the Latin one, and they have contributed to the edification of the literary language as an accurate, normative aspect of the literary language. They have brought awareness among readers in relation to the importance and the role that the press was going to hold hereafter. Their writing has become a model for their colleagues through a large range of arguments meant to rend consistency to the clear, precise and concise style that the press makes use of. Due to them, the Romanian press has covered in just a few decades all the issues (political, social, cultural and incidental) of the communication space, to the point that we can state, unconditionally, that, right from the beginning, it has become an authentic mirror of the society, just as it presents itslef nowadays. It is in this form that some of the illustrations of this study testify to the idea that many of the facts that stir the contemporary world were not alien to the press even since that time.

KEYWORDS: I. H. R?dulescu, Gheorghe Asachi, Gheorghe Bari?iu, literary language, journalistic style, press history.

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