ABSTRACT: This paper examines the way the Romanian language is being used by the Romanian press. Analysing all programs on television, but also the written press (newspapers and magazines), this paper highlights: various forms of wrong writing and speech, coarse language, frequent errors of enunciation, unlettered expressions, spelling errors, incognizance of meanings of some words, pleonastic statements, verbal stereotypes, and other morphological and syntactical errors. The desire to accommodate all people's tastes determines the Romanian televisions to adopt a commercial "underground" language, a Romanian language increasingly distorted, an underworld language, full of stereotypes. Certainly, the paper has proposed not only to report such errors, but also to notice the danger in which the national language is, to show the concern and efforts that are necessary to protect and preserve the authenticity and beauty of the Romanian language.

KEYWORDS: Romanian press, newspapers, television, stereotype, error, language

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