ABSTRACT. Reese et al. write that the globalization process has brought greater transnational connectedness, and that the emerging world of blogs must be understood within the larger context of a changing global news arena. Steensen notes that although online journalism is still dominated by breaking news coverage, new genres are emerging that differentiate it more and more from old media journalism. Rasmussen says that the use of the Internet contributes to the diversity of views and broadening participation, that the public sphere should be seen as consisting of two epistemic dimensions or “faces”, each oriented towards different solutions and problems, and that an updated understanding of the public sphere would benefit from a network-analytic approach. Machill and Beiler report how journalists integrate online research procedures into the overall research process, how they assess the Internet and search engines, and how highly developed their competences are in using search engines.

KEYWORDS: globalization, online journalism, Internet, public sphere, search engine, transnational connectedness

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