When reading the satiric press from the 19th century, the nowadays researchers may be facing an intriguing problem: the mixture of beletristic and journalistic means, on a prolific ground of modern writing creation found at its beginnings. Satiric work is one of great ability in handling all the instruments of irony and the writers of the 19th century have such an inclination to whatever means antiphrasis. Some texts like animal satire, satiric epistolary, satiric note, lampoon, satiric physiology are that kind of achievement in which the writers – as well as the journalistic side of their endeavour – could better express their narrative or descriptive gift. This research attempts to depict some of the best accomplished satiric works from the ironic strategies and construction point of view and it employs every possible means to promote the image of a valuable 19th century creation – in journalistic pages of the cultural press.

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