An attempt has been made in the study to deconstruct love language of the modern day young people by undertaking a content analysis of 318 SMS texts taken from a leading English daily of Calcutta, India on the Valentine Day of 2006. Five Key-words-In-Context, love, life, heart, world, and valentine have been identified as most frequently chosen words for V-Day SMS by using word concordance. A gender bias test (statistical t-Test) has identified male supremacy in conveying love messages. A pair wise Correlation coefficient study of the key words indicate that the word valentine is positively correlated with the words, love and heart, and negatively correlated with the words, life and world. A statistical regression analysis postulates a mathematical formulation for 100 valentine words, the possible numbers of the words, love, life, heart and world: 100Valentine = 237 + 1.love – 29 life + 24 heart – 24 world. The study finally hints that lesbians and gays are ‘quite in’, in our society. The same sex SMS messages bear a strong testimony to the beginning of a ‘gay-lesbian’ era in Indian Society.

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